Sunday, January 7, 2024

Mini Calendar with Post-It-Note holder

Hello my stamping friends. My share for you today is a little gift I am making for my co-workers. It is a calendar and post-it-note holder all in one. I even purchased mini glitter gel pens so that it all displays nicely on their desks. I got the instructions for this project from Melissa Seplowitz at The Stamping Ninja. I love her design. I have measurements and instructions listed below for you.

You will need two pieces of Crumb Cake. 
1.  8½ x 5½ scored at 4¼
2.  4 x 5¼ scored at ½, 2, 3½ with 4" at top

You will need two pieces of Gorgeous Grape.
1.  4 x 5¼
2.  4½ x 5½ 
with 4½ at top, score ½ from each end
with 5½ at top, score at 2½ & 3

You will need two pieces of designer paper
5⅛ x 3⅞ and 3⅜ x 2⅜

  1. Fold the Crumb Cake layer that measures 8½ x 5½ in half for the card base.
  2. Adhere the designer paper that measures 5⅛ x 3⅞ to the Gorgeous Grape layer that measures 4 x 5¼ and then onto the card base.
  3. Reinforce the score lines on the 4½ x 5½ Gorgeous Grape layer.
  4. On the middle section, cut up both score lines, stopping at the other score line. Miter cut the little squares so that it is easier to put the box together. This will be the holder for the post-it-notes.  
  5. Apply adhesive to the little squares and along two of the long rectangles, across from each other.
  6. Adhere the small square tabs to back side of the rectangles that you put adhesive on.
  7. Fold the rectangles without adhesive onto the rectangles that have the adhesive.
  8. Adhere the designer paper that measures 3⅜ x 2⅜ to the front of your box.
  9. On the Crumb Cake layer that measures 4 x 5¼, the two ½ sections will be folded into valleys, and the center score will be a mountain. You will add adhesive to the back side of the ½" sections. I used tear & tape. This will make the easel to make the card stand up.

  10. Working with one side at a time, adhere the easel to the inside of your card making the folded edge even with the bottom of the card base, and centering it left to right.
  11. Adhere your box onto the card front. I like mine towards the bottom right corner, but you can place it where you want. 
  12. Adhere a mini calendar ( I got mine from Tailored Expressions) to the front of the box and add your post-it-note pad (mine are 3 x 3)
  13. You can also add a mini gel pen as well.
I have a video for you showing just how simple this cute calendar is to put together.

Supplies I used can be found HERE

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  1. Great Layout for both Post It and Calendar

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by, hugs Holly

  2. The lavender colors are so pretty. Thank you for sharing the measurements and the wonderful video. ☺

    1. Lynn, thank you so much for stopping by. I appreciate you. Hugs, Holly

  3. Holly, I am a big fan of your cards and absolutely love when you and Frenchie demo together! Nice to see good friends reunited. You are so pretty and so well organized. Thanks for all the great ideas.